Final Argument: Why You Must Break The Chabot Habit

Here we are, on the precipice of one of the most important elections this country has ever seen. So we can respond to all the Chabot lies, the ones The Enquirer, Politifact and other objective sources have had to debunk again and again and again, but I think we’ll just point out why it is so very important that you vote against Steve Chabot on November 6th.
As many of you have probably figured out from all the lies he tells (probably one for every hair he’s lost on his head) Chabot lacks the basic character to represent us in Washington. Whatever he once was–perhaps he was once a more reasonable, approachable person back at some point during the 40 years he’s been running for office and quarter-century since he’s been a creature of Washington DC–he no longer is.
You can tell this right away by what happened this weekend. Members of Congress are supposed to, first and foremost, revere the Constitution, and care about the culture and governance of this great country. This would include not making baseless charges against your opponent you know to be bunk, just to inflame the passions of the most unstable people out there.
The same week we had the largest mass-assassination attempt in U.S. History, with bombs sent to two former Presidents, a former Secretary of State, philanthropist, actor/director, news organization targeted for murder, and when others were murdered just for the color of their skin or way they choose to worship, we were learning that all of Chabot’s loose talk about Aftab Pureval going to jail was exactly what you would think it was: Slander.
Pureval was fully cleared by the Board of Elections–save a $100 fine for a clerical error–even though Chabot spent months being a drama queen, saying Pureval had done something illegal (he didn’t) and would go to jail (laughable). Especially during these times, this is not the kind of person we should have representing us in Washington.
Of course, Chabot’s record only gets worse from there: He used his campaign account to launder $170,000 to his son-in-law for a non-existent website. Both federal and state authorities are actually looking into the potential illegality of this. He has spent over $1,000,000 of our money, according to the Dayton Daily News–more than any other member of Congress from Ohio–to travel the world. He claims it was to visit troops and war zones, but I don’t remember the front lines being in such non-hot spots as Australia, New Zealand, and Paris. Good wine, food, weather, sure! Not so much on the troops.
He, from his perch on The Judiciary Committee, launched politicized, slanderous attacks against American law enforcement, those who put their lives on the line to protect us, because they dare do the job he refuses to do checking the power of a President many Americans think have overstepped his bounds.
Chabot also refuses to have anything to do with his actual constituents. He refuses to conduct town halls, a basic feature of our democracy, where those who represent us actually listen to the views of those whom they govern. Chabot has not had one in 1900 days–there are first graders born since Steve Chabot deemed his constituents worthy of hearing from directly. He claims his tele-town halls are the same thing, which of course is patently ridiculous when you have your aides screen what questions are allowed to be asked, who is allowed to join in and you don’t have to look into the eyes of the people who’s healthcare you just cavalierly killed.
Maybe this is why Chabot can vote for a ridiculous tax bill that gave 83% of its benefits to the wealthiest one percent and large, multinational corporations, often not even headquartered in this country, much less in the state or district from which he hails. That this tax cut has driven our deficit up 17%, and will lead to $1.9 TRILLION more in debt overall, unprecedented during good economic times, seems to be A-OK with Chabot.
Let’s put it this way: Chabot’s colleague, Congressman Vern Buchanan, bought an Ocean Alexander Yacht worth at least $3.25 MILLION the day the tax cut passed, but Chabot wouldn’t even deign to attend a question-and-answer event with the NAACP or even fill out the form they sent to him regarding his views. He can’t even explain why he would do such a thing as vote against funding for the Violence Against  Women Act (VAWA). Who do you think he represents, the Vern Buchanan’s or people who live in his district and work every day to pay the bills and give their family a piece of The American Dream?
Regular people drive on roads and bridges, and it actually matters to them that the Brent Spence Bridge and Western Hills Viaduct do not come crashing down on their families.  55,000 people travel over the Western Hills Viaduct each day, and ironically (or perhaps not) no major repairs have been done on it since 1977, or the first year Chabot started running for political office. A piece of debris came crashing down on a driver’s car last year, and it’s been rated structurally deficient. Meanwhile, The Brent Spence Bridge was declared “functionally obsolete,” meaning it could no longer handle its traffic, in 1998! Chabot had already been in Congress two terms then–what the hell has he been doing all this time while not getting money to fix these dangerous thoroughfares? Oh, that’s right, that flight to Australia is a day each way, isn’t it?
Finally, there is the saga of Chabot and our healthcare. This one should be well known to you by now, but we can repeat it one, last time. Steve Chabot voted 56 times to rip healthcare away from 304,600 of his constituents, 4.8 million Ohioans and 130 million Americans who have pre-existing conditions. He continues to promise to do it again while offering vague and bogus assurances that people with pre-existing conditions will be protected.
Do you believe a guy who already voted 56 times to eliminate your healthcare when they say “no, really, this time I’ll protect you!”? He would also eliminate Medicaid funding with these votes, which would confiscate healthcare from 700,000 Ohioans.
As if this were not irresponsible enough, that same vote that got his buddy Vern a yacht, also eliminated the individual mandate, #Chabotaging healthcare for all Americans, and leading to a nearly 17% spike in premium rates for Ohioans. So even if you got the pathetic $800 many of those who are not members of Chabot’s country club managed to eke out of his tax cut, you’d better save it for the extra $1000 a year in premiums he has now made sure you have to pay. What a deal! His 56 votes against healthcare also included an age tax for those over 55, and his tax vote actually raised taxes on many Ohioans. Tell me again whose side Chabot’s on?
We finish the way we started–by pointing out that whatever Chabot once was, living the high life in Washington has changed him. He doesn’t represent actual, regular people anymore. He won’t meet with you, answer your questions, he definitely won’t protect your healthcare or fix your bridges. Unless you max out a donation to his campaign, that is. We can do better, Southwest Ohio can do better, than Steve Chabot.
On November 6th, send him into the retirement he so richly deserves by voting against Steve Chabot.