Steve can dish it out, but he sure can’t take it

Steve Chabot provided us with another one of his patented “whiny/I’m a victim/where’s my fainting couch” blog posts this past week. Who knew Steve was such a little snowflake who is obviously deeply hurt because someone defaced one of his signs–something that happened to signs I had in my yard at least a half dozen times last campaign cycle, but I didn’t take to the internet to cry about it. Also because he can’t lie his way out of having voted again and again and again to eliminate protections for the 306,400 folks in his district with pre-existing conditions, which would have left them with zero insurance and put their families at peril. 

Steve tries to play up the “civility” talking point too because he can tell a joke insulting “liberals” onstage with his BFF Donald Trump, but God forbid anyone says anything back to him. Then, he gets pouty.
Steve, of course, doesn’t mention:
Civility only matters to Steve when he’s trying to stop people from pointing out his record of trying to cut everyone’s healthcare, creating a $1.9 trillion hole in our budget with his ridiculously flawed tax plan that gave 83% of its benefits to big corporations or the richest 1% who donate to Steve’ campaign, his 1900+ day without a town halllaundering campaign funds to his son in law for a nonexistent website or using our money to take millions of dollars worth of trips to known war zones like Australia and New Zealand.
I guess this is what we should expect from a do-nothing, 22-year DC-dweller, who is desperate to hold onto the perks and power of his job. But we can and should expect more from the person in Congress representing us, which is Mr. Chabot is in great need of being retired at the ballot box in a few weeks, so he can take long, pensive walks and take more creepy pictures of himself eating ice cream alone.