I’ve been framed! And other Chabot nonsense

I’ve been framed! This is what Steve Chabot’s most recent attempt at a blog could be called. Woe is him.
Anyone who criticizes him–be it media outlets, Politifact, other Republicans, all are just being biased. By definition, if they’re saying he’s lying, it must be a liberal conspiracy or fake news because, of course, we know Steve Chabot couldn’t actually be lying.
First Steve toots his own horn for supposedly inventing the phrase “politics is a contact sport.” Congrats.
Then he goes into the meat of his post, that he’s being unfairly blamed for voting for congressional pay because it was part of a bigger bill. Yet, he has voiced public support for ads attacking his opponent for working at a law firm that came to an agreement with a foreign a country that he sees as distasteful–even though his opponent was just one of 2,000 lawyers in 29 countries working for the firm in question, and never had anything to do with this specific deal like 1,997 other lawyers at the firm.
The kicker: Congress (e.g. Mr. Chabot) unanimously voted this it into law, and Republican President George W. Bush signed it. That’s right, Chabot thinks it’s fair to attack his opponent for a deal he had nothing to do with, and that he, Chabot, voted for.
He goes onto whine about how he is hit in ads by an independent group for traveling to 79 countries and spending our money to do it–and mentions having to go to war zones and refugee camps in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Yemen, and Darfur, Sudan.
Great, now about the other 73 countries he didn’t mention, any chance one of them is Monaco, Italy Ireland, Australia or New Zealand? In fact, as The Dayton Daily news pointed in 2013, Chabot forgot to mention some of these in disclosure forms because of “clerical oversight.” Uh huh.
The article goes on to point out that Chabot traveled the fourth most out of 435 members of Congress, and the most of any member of Congress from Ohio.
Reminder: He spent a quarter of a million dollars of our taxpayer money on these trips. Any wars going on with US ground troops in New Zealand of which we were unaware?
Finally, Chabot gets very defensive when various objective outlets point out he has been in Congress for 22 years and has done nothing. On this one, I guess I have to agree.
He has also voted for a tax bill that has helped sabotage–or #Chabotage–healthcare premiums for residents of his district so they will pay $650 more per individual and $2070 per family, managed to create a projected $1.9 trillion–with a T!–more in debt for us to have to repay while reserving 83% of its benefits for his wealthiest donors and multinational corporations. 
So, Chabot did manage to do that. We should give him proper credit.