A Letter To Steve Chabot–Let’s Try The Truth, OK?

Congressman Chabot, once again this week in your blog you attempt to hide your record, misdirect the gaze of weary voters and pretend you have their best interests at heart.

Why not just unburden yourself and tell the truth. Honestly, you’ll feel so much better. Not sure, ok, I’ll help.

After some impressive caterwauling about your electoral predicament to start, you once again try and tout a tax dodge passed by GOP partisans, also taking credit for our currently robust economy again. Well, the public has caught on to what a mess your tax plan is, which is why by 2:1 margin they have concluded that it really benefitted the rich with scraps for everyone else.
Your own polls are saying this!
To be exact, 83% of the benefits went to multinational corporations and the wealthiest 1%: your donors. Not the middle class or the impoverished and certainly not small business. But your pal and fellow Congressman Vern Buchanan did get to buy himself a shiny, new yacht the day you passed it. So you got that going for you.
As for the economy, we have enjoyed the most consecutive months with job growth since they started measuring the statistic in the 1930s.
Donald Trump’s policies—such as they are—have only been in place since late January of last year. I’ll do the math for you.
He’s been in office for a year and eight months, and this trend has been going since October 2010. In case your memory has blocked who was President the rest of that time, may I introduce you to someone named President Barack Obama.
Your tax plan, meanwhile, has left wages flat, or even declining, unlike your blog about how wages “are starting to increase.” Is that kinda like how you are “just getting started” in office even though you’ve been running since 5 years before LeBron James was born?
Finally, you boldly attack Obamacare again, which is good. It reminds people you voted 56 times to dismantle the Affordable Care Act with no alternative plan in sight. 56 times you would’ve deprived 306,400 people in your district of healthcare because they have a pre-existing condition—pregnancy, anxiety, acne, or one of  MANY other conditions that affect 130 million Americans.
Of course, that was also 56 times you would have kicked young people under 26 off their parents’ healthcare without a second thought. 56 times you would have ended Medicaid for up to 700,000 Ohioans.
You’re not a victim of your economic success, Congressman. You’re someone who’s been in Congress for two and a half decades with nothing to show for it. Which has led you to lie in your ads, and take weird, desperate, lonely pictures of yourself eating ice cream in your campaign T-shirt.
You’re not just getting started, Congressman. You’re just getting ended.