Fact Checking Steve Chabot’s Fact Checking…Or, Steve Chabot’s Lying Again

Congressman Steve Chabot can’t do a lot of things. He can’t seem to hold town halls. Or pass a tax cut where more than scraps go to most of his constituents. Yet clearly one thing he’s rather adept at is reading polls—especially the ones that say health care is the most important issue this election. This is why he has a new blog and TV ad, both trying to pass off the same phantom claim as truth—that he somehow supports requiring protections for those of us with pre-existing conditions.
Spoiler alert: He doesn’t.
Chabot voted over 50 times to rip health care away from the 306,400 of his constituents who have pre-existing conditions (this includes over 41,000 children). These votes took place with no alternative offered by Chabot and his colleagues. So yeah, he voted over 50 times to take away your health care if you’ve been pregnant or have arthritis, asthma, cancer, unusual menstrual cycles, acne, obesity, anxiety or any number of other conditions.
When it comes to the healthcare bill he actually supported—Trumpcare—Chabot conveniently forgets to mention The McArthur Amendment that was part of the bill. Ya see Chabot’s Three-Card Monte game here was that while you had to technically be covered if you had a pre-existing condition, the bill removed ACA protections so insurers could charge you a ton more because of your pre-existing condition. So just as you’re not forbidden from buying a Lamborghini, you were guaranteed the right to buy care under his bill. You just would have absolutely no way of affording either–the latter, because, you guessed it, your pre-existing condition.
Finally, as he pushes his false line, the President who Chabot quotes in his blog, Donald Trump, is suing in federal court to overturn pre-existing condition protections under the Affordable Care Act. Have you heard your Congressman, Mr. Chabot, utter a single word of criticism for or disagreement with this craven action by the Trump Administration?
If you did, you’d have to have ESP. Much like how he’s a no-show at town halls or in holding Trump accountable for anything he says or does, he’s also a no-show when it comes to protecting health care for those of us with pre-existing conditions.